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Floating Target Shooting Game - Members Only

Here introducing the super fun and exciting shooting game - The Floating Target Shooting Game.There are foam-made balls which are the floating target. Your mission is to shoot them all as fast as you can!

The floating system is powered by the batteries. It increases the excitement compared with other shooting games which requires much accurate eyesight and muscle coordination. It is great to play with friends and family, let's take the challenge and be the best shooter now!  


  • Challenging GameThe foam-made targets are floating with the special design system making the shooting game much more challenging. 

  • Set & PlayNo complex equipment required. Just place it on any flat surface and start shooting! 

  • Foam-made BulletsThe bullets are made with foam which is light and safe to play.

  • Great For PartiesThe game is perfect for parties to play with your family and friends. Let's have a battle and be the best shooter.

  • Material: Foam Balls , Plastic
  • Size: 33cm X 32cm X 9.5cm


  • 1 x  Floating Target Shooting Game