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Eyebrow Epilator

You always wanted perfect looking eyebrows?
Well, you're in luck! Our official Neelou Eyebrow Epilator is the solution for you and your problems. Whether for work, parties or other occasions. Now you'll never have to worry about your eyebrows looking unkempt and bad again.

Live in the future

The Eyebrow Epilator features LED light and high-end micro precision technology allowing you to trim your eyebrow instantly and painlessly at the comfort of your home. The cordless pen-shaped design makes it compact and easy to carry on the go. Now get stunning eyebrows anytime anywhere in seconds.

Grooming your eyebrows could be easier
Tweezing, threading and shaving are painful, expensive salon visits burn a hole in your pockets and plucking your eyebrows one by one takes forever. 

Key Features

  • Eyebrows on Fleek - unlike traditional trimmers, this Eyebrow Epilatoremoves unwanted hair using micro precision technology for an instant and pain-free result. 

  • Safe for All Skin Types - hypoallergenic and removes hair without any irritation, redness or nicks and cuts. Perfect for women who want stunning results in no time.

  • Portable and Convenient - waterproof, compact in size and easily fits in your makeup bag. When trimming the delicate parts like eyebrows, upper lips, and other facial hair, you need an ergonomic device with a firm grip, its pen-shaped design ensures safe and convenient handling.

  • Built-in Light - features a bright LED light that illuminates your skin so you never miss a spot and get perfect eyebrows every time.

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  • Battery Operated - AA-battery (not included)